Betty Parker and Ron Bettger Die

We are sad to report that former RMOWP member Betty Parker and current member Ronald Bettger passed away recently.

Betty Parker, who along with her husband Riley, was active in RMOWP in the 1980s and ‘90s, died in Albuquerque January 22nd at the age of 81. She and Riley, who died in the 1990s, owned and operated Parker Books of the West in Santa Fe, which specialized in southwestern subjects, and they were also expert in antiquarian books. During her active years with RMOWP Betty served as a board member and newsletter editor. She was a photographer, specializing in nature and art photography, and was also a musician and taught recorder. Survivors include a son, Justin.

Ronald Bettger, 73, died December 29th in Omaha, Nebraska. He loved nature and wildlife from the beach to the mountains, according to his wife Karen, who added that Ron had been interested in photography since high school and it became his passion after his retirement from the auto parts industry in 2000. Ron was a participant in the 2009 RMOWP Photo Workshop, and workshop coordinator Nic Showalter told us, “He had a great and frequent smile and a ready laugh…My life was enriched by getting to know him just a little bit (at the workshop).” Survivors include his wife Karen, son Richard, daughters Shari Cahill and Lori Moore, and six grandchildren.

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