2013 Photo Awards

Best of Show - Hector Astorga
Best of Show – Hector Astorga – Mustang Love

by Frank Zurey

Here are the 2013 contest results for photos awarded at our annual conference in Fruita, Colorado. 

The Numbers

29 members entered
493 images submitted – 100% digital
See a gallery of the photographic award winners at the bottom of this page.

The Judge – Tom Ulrich

A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills, and many of his 350,000+ transparencies have appeared in numerous magazines and other publications. Tom conducts photography seminars and workshops around the country, lectures at several universities, and leads photo tours to remote parts of the world.

Other Awards

Member’s Choice contest results – voted by conference attendees:

First place went to Terry Guthrie for “Old Mill.”

Second place – a tie – went to John Thornton for “Curious Pup” and to Al Perry for “Moon Rise Over Monument Valley.”

In the Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge, first place went to Virginia Parker Staat for “Popeye Peter, Inventor of the SBD!” (Published in the July-August 2013 issue of Rocky Mountain Outdoors.)

The Awards

Best of Show

Photography: Hector Astorga “Mustang Love” (Fauna)

Images from Last Conference

1st Kent Taylor “Taos House”
2nd Sherry Zurey “Pueblo Home”
3rd Richard Youngblood “Conference Arch”


1st Al Perry “Vermillion Cliffs Landforms”
2nd Al Perry”Northern Lights with Venus and Jupiter Aligned”
3rd Kent Taylor “Almost Heaven”


1st Al Perry”Looking Up”
2nd Diane Deming “Colorado Columbine”
3rd Diane Deming “Backlight”


1st Hector Astorga “Mustang Love”
2nd Ryan Weishalla”Harris’s Hawk, South Padre”
3rd John Thornton “Gray Hairstreak”

People in Nature

1st Hector Astorga “On the Edge”
2nd Ken Papaleo “Dune Walkers”
3rd Ken Papaleo “Rain Out”


1st Al Perry “From Garden to 1850’s Kitchen”
2nd Al Perry “Old Lock on Old Door of Old Shed”
3rd Rick Lesquier “Stone House, Manassas, VA”


1st Hector Astorga “PowWow”
2nd Ken Papaleo “Evergreen Ice Festival”
3rd Frank Zurey”Presenting Colors”


1st Frank Zurey “Slurry Bomber 2”
2nd Hector Astorga “Rainstorm over Great Sand Dunes National Park”
3rd Frank Zurey “Flagstaff Fire”


1st Hector Astorga “PowWow Motion”
2nd Hector Astorga “Tricolored Heron”
3rd Rick Lesquier “The Mountain Man”

Black and White

1st Hector Astorga “Mustang Fight”
2nd Al Perry “Ghost House Before Storm”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “Let me go!”


1st Emily Harrington “Avalanche Creek”
2nd Tracey Maras “Tucked in for the Night”
3rd Katee Harrington “Morning Tetons”

Published Images

1st Al Perry “Fall Colors and Waterfalls,” Evansville Courier Press, May 13, 2012
2nd Frank Zurey “Triplets,” Nature Magazine, Special Edition 2012 Contest PDF
3rd Kenita Gibbins “Serenity,” The Ring Lake Carillon

2013 Top Photographic Award Winners