Story Behind the Images

By Al Perry

A few of my friends have suggested I create a photo book to share with friends and family. Small quantities of books are now possible with on-demand publishing, but the cost is high and it takes considerable time and effort with text and layout.

An interesting idea to showcase and discuss my favorite images was suggested by a regional public broadcasting station. WNIN offered to create a series of one-hour interviews showcasing my images with me discussing “The Story Behind the Photos”, as it was called. This idea sounded easy. All I had to do was sit back and talk about each of my images being shown.

The first one-hour show, aired June 4, 2013, included Alaska and the American West. Six other regions were also taped and may be shown later. The first airing received favorable feedback from viewers and I plan to use 5 to 10 minute podcasts of these recordings on my website and social media.

RMOWP members: You can work with a friend or colleague to record your photography (and writ – ing). Collect your photographs (and writing) and ask a friend to interview you while being videotaped. DVD’s and computer files can be made and distrib – uted to friends, family and social media. People are interested in the story behind the images (and writ – ing) including the photographer (and author).

If you want to view an example of taping your work, go to the link below to view WNIN’s production of: “Story Behind the Photos”.