2012 Photo Awards

Best of Show - Beto Gutierrez - South Bound
Best of Show – Beto Gutierrez – South Bound

by Frank Zurey

Here are the 2012 contest results awarded at our annual conference in Taos, New Mexico. 

The Numbers

23 members entered
380 images submitted – 100% digital
See a gallery of the top photographic award winners at the bottom of this page.

The Judge – Tom Ulrich

A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills, and many of his 350,000+ transparencies have appeared in numerous magazines and other publications. Tom conducts photography seminars and workshops around the country, lectures at several universities, and leads photo tours to remote parts of the world.

Other Awards

Member’s Choice contest results – voted by conference attendees

First place – actually 2 – went to Fred Lord, whose two photos tied for the honor: “Shrine Pass / Mt.of the Holy Cross” and “Sandhill Crane Parent/Child.”

Second place – also a tie – went to Frank Zurey for “Pyrrhuloxia” and to Jim Baker for “Serenity.”

In the Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge, first place went to Richard Holmes for “Miss Kathy demonstrates a perfect wicked evil grin as she prepares to take a ‘can’did shot!.”

Best of Show

Beto Gutierrez “South Bound” (Fauna)

Category Awards

Image from Last Conference

1st Richard Holmes “Cathedral Valley”
2nd Al Perry “Hickman Bridge”
3rd Richard Youngblood “Capitol Reef Overlook”


1st Richard Youngblood “Antelope Canyon”
2nd Richard Youngblood “Courthouse Rock”
3rd Kent Taylor “Glacier’s Jewel”


1st Ken Papaleo “Frost Tree”
2nd Ken Papaleo “Aspen Strike”
3rd Kent Taylor “Pure Delight”


1st Beto Gutierrez “South Bound”
2nd Frank Zurey “Audubon Oriole”
3rd John Thornton “Sword Billed Hummingbird”

People in Nature

1st Frank Zurey “Photographing Bears”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Sunrise Photographer”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “On the Edge”


1st Richard Holmes “Days Past”
2nd Linda Bundren “Mingus Mill”
3rd Richard Holmes “Indian Ruins”


1st Al Perry “Amish Buggy on Covered Bridge”
2nd Frank Zurey “Christmas Lights in Denver”
3rd Kenita Gibbins “Way of Life”


1st Terry Guthrie “After the Storm”
2nd John Thornton “Arizona Fire 2012”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “Catholic Church Dedication”


1st Richard Holmes “Old Bicycle”
2nd Richard Youngblood “Horseshoe Bend”
3rd Al Perry “Bryce Panorama”

Black and White

1st Al Perry “Grist Mill above Waterfall”
2nd Al Perry “Winter Waterfall”
3rd Al Perry “Monument Valley”


1st Emily Harrington “Fremont River”
2nd Katee Harrington “Pretty and Purple”
3rd Emily Harrington “Orange Blossoms”

Published Images

1st Jack Olson “Sneffels Range” in 2012 Colorado Calendar
2nd Frank Zurey “Crab Spider” in Nature Photographer Magazine, Spring 2011
3rd Terry Guthrie “Mountain Highlights” in Fall Images of Georgia, December 2011

2012 Top Photographic Award Winners