2011 Conference in Capital Reef

Some 36 RMOWP members and friends gathered at the Sandstone Inn, Torrey, Utah just outside Capitol Reef National Park the 8-12th of June 2011.

Greeting old friends and meeting new, we explored Cathedral Valley and the more regularly frequented parts of the park, attended informative workshops, cheered when the auction raised over $5000 for the scholarship program, and generally had a great time.

Photographing Cathedral Valley.(photo by Don Laine) CRCV_64
Studying the best angle…(Cathedral Valley field trip)(photo by Don Laine) CRCV_11
CRA_14 Auctioneer Jim Baker sweet-talked RMOWPers out of more than $5000 for the scholarship fund — a record!(photo by Jack Olson)
CRA_4 First time conference attendee Emily Harrington and friend Molly during a lull in the auction.(photo by Jack Olson)


CRA_1 RMOWP president Al Perry and Tom Ulrich seem to be enjoying themselves.(photo by Jack Olson)