2011 Conference in Capital Reef

Some 36 RMOWP members and friends gathered at the Sandstone Inn, Torrey, Utah just outside Capitol Reef National Park the 8-12th of June 2011.

Looks like Lee Carr & Jack Olson enjoyed photographing Cathedral Valley. © Don Laine
Cathedral Valley photo tour – Beto Gutierrez getting his shot. © Don Laine

Greeting old friends and meeting new, we explored Cathedral Valley in an all-day photo tour, visited the more regularly frequented parts of the park, attended informative workshops, and cheered when auctioneer Jim Baker sweet-talked RMOWPers out of more than $5000 for the scholarship fund — a record! A good time was had by all.

Jim Baker could sell almost anything at the auction. © Jack Olson
New student member and first time conference attendee Emily Harrington and friend Molly during a lull in the auction. © Jack Olson
President Al Perry and Tom Ulrich share a moment between the banquet and the awards ceremony. © Jack Olson