2011 Photo Awards

Best of Show - Al Perry "Flowers Under Tree"
Best of Show – Al Perry – Flowers Under Tree

By Frank Zurey

Here are the photo award winners for the 2011 Contest. They were awarded at our annual conference held in Capital Reef National Park. 

The Numbers

26 members entered
435 images submitted – 100% digital
See a gallery of the major award winners at the bottom of this page.

The Judge – Tom Ulrich

A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills, and many of his 350,000+ transparencies have appeared in numerous magazines and other publications. Tom conducts photography seminars and workshops around the country, lectures at several universities, and leads photo tours to remote parts of the world.

Other Awards

Member’s Choice

First place went to Beto Gutierrez for “Red Baron.”
Second place went to Al Perry for “Polar Bear on the Rocks.”
Third place went to John Thornton for “Day Lily.”

Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge

Fisrt place went to Georgette Sotos for “Do these Blooomers make my butt look big?.”

Best of Show

Photography: Al Perry “Flowers Under Tree” (Flora)

Category Awards

Image from Last Conference

1st Ryan Weishalla “Old Faithful and Big Dipper at Night”
2nd Linda Martin”Lean ‘n’ Mean”
3rd Frank Zurey”Grand Prismatic Spring”


1st Ken Papaleo “Sand Line”
2nd Richard Holmes “Mt. Moran Sunset”
3rd Mark Cromwell “The Palisades”


1st Al Perry “Flowers Under Tree”
2nd Frank Zurey “Bandana Daisy”
3rd Maryann Gaug “Lone Pine”


1st Mark Cromwell “Avocets”
2nd Ryan Weishalla “Pika with Grass”
3rd Richard Youngblood “Scarlet Tanager”

People in Nature

1st Richard Youngblood “Early Morning Fishing”
2nd Ken Papaleo “Nice Vest”
3rd Linda Martin “At Morning Glory Pool”


1st Linda Martin “John Murphy Barns”
2nd Mark Cromwell “Gas Station”
3rd Terry Guthrie “Barn on Mormon Row”


1st Ken Papaleo “Breckenridge Parade”
2nd Beto Gutierrez “African Heritage Day”
3rd Ken Papaleo “Ridgway Balloon Festival”


1st Beto Gutierrez “Annual Rut”
2nd Linda Martin “Catch a Rainbow”
3rd Al Perry “House Fire”


1st Linda Martin “Barred Owl Pano”
2nd Al Perry “Mushrooms”
3rd John Thornton “Thermal Garden 2”

Black & White

1st Frank Zurey “Security with Mom”
2nd Frank Zurey “Rattle Snake”
3rd Jack Olson “Clepsydra Geyser”


1st Emily Harrington “Devils Tower Framed”
2nd Linda Bundren “American Painted Lady”
3rd Emily Harrington “Happy Flower”

Published Images

1st Frank Zurey “Mimosa Borealis”
2nd John Thornton “Flying Squirrel”
3rd John Catsis “Mule Deer Buck”

2011 Top Photographic Award Winners