2009 Writing Awards

by Frank Zurey

There were 26 written works submitted.

The Judges

Writing Judge for articles

Award-winning nature writer Mary Taylor Young has been writing professionally for over 20 years. She has published nine books and hundreds of articles, and her “Words on Birds” column has appeared in the Rocky Mountain News since 1993. Mary writes from her home in Castle Rock, Colorado where she lives with her husband and daughter and many wild neighbors.

Writing Judge for books and video

Russ Bromby was editor of Colorado Outdoors magazine and chief of communications for the Colorado Division of Wildlife during a 30-year career with the State of Colorado. A former member and past president of RMOWP, Russ retired from the Division of Wildlife in 2002 and now works at what he chooses.

Best of Show

Writing – Books/Videos

Andy Lightbody “An American Historian & Twilight of a Continent” starring Gary R. Swanson, Rocky Mountain Television, December 2008 (Video)

Writing – Articles/Columns/Editorials

Mary Peachin “Great Bear Rainforest” Destination Fish, Summer 2008 (Magazine Article)

The Awards

Books and Scripts for TV/Movie/Video

1st Robert Stone Day Hikes Around Napa Valley, March 2008
2nd Robert Stone Day Hikes Around Missoula, Montana, March 2008

Newspaper articles/columns/editorials

1st Lee Allen “Wildlife Watching, Photography Turning into Big Business” Inside Tucson Business, August 25, 2008
2nd Lee Allen “A Potpourri of Outdoor Arizona Pleasures” Inside Tucson Business, May 19, 2008
3rd Lee Allen “Looking Back and Ahead” Inside Tucson Business, December 17, 2008

Magazine articles/columns/editorials

1st Mary Peachin “Great Bear Rainforest” Destination Fish, Summer 2008
2nd Mary Peachin “Panama’s Provincial Promises” Destination Fish, Fall 2008
3rd Jack Olson “Wild for Flowers” Midwest Traveler, Mar-Apr 2008

Newsletter Writing of Any Kind

1st Jack Olson “Jack’s Jaunts: Heritage and Surprises” Rocky Mountain Outdoors, Sep-Oct 2008″
2nd Richard Holmes “Lost Socks” Rocky Mountain Outdoors, Sep-Oct 2008
3rd Jack Olson “Jack’s Jaunts: Zion, Here we come” Rocky Mountain Outdoors, Holiday 2008

Web Writing

1st Al Perry “Are you sure You Want to Compete in a Month Long Photo Contest?” Naturescapes.net, July 22 2008

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