2007 Conference Highlights

Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 6-10 2007

RMOWPers heading up to the Theresa Mine above Victor. It was a cold day – it acturally started to snow before we headed back down the mountain! © Don Laine

Some 50 plus enthusiastic writers and photographers found their way to Colorado Springs for the 2007 conference of Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers.

We renewed old friendships and made new ones.

Numerous things occupied our time: the showing of all photo contest entries… several informative and frequently entertaining workshops… field trips into the beautiful areas around Colorado Springs… the ever evolving annual auction – this year with the addition of a captivating Hawaiian shirt contest… the incredibly well-orchestrated awards at the Saturday night banquet… plus the attendant business of RMOWP: board meetings…. annual meeting… It seemed like we hardly stopped to sleep.

Light streaming through the lovely stained glass in the US Air Force Academy Chapel. © Lee Car

For more details see the July-August issue of Rocky Mountain Outdoors.

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