2006 Conference Highlights

May 3-7, 2006: Moab, Utah

Morning shot along Potash Road © Jack Olson

Close to 50 seekers of wisdom and excitement trekked to the beautiful red rock country of Moab, Utah last year for RMOWP’s annual conference, returning home with numerous photos, ideas, skills, contacts and memories. There were field trips, workshops, guided photo shoots, and socializing, with opportunities to trade tips and tales of woe with our fellow writers and photographers

We saw some magnificent images and learned about the business of scenic photography from internationally-known photographer Tom Till, learned what to do – and not to do – in a panel discussion on How to Make Money as a Freelancer, found out how to build our own websites during Website Creation 101, and explored the often baffling world of digital photography with two highly informative workshops.

Turret Arch at Sunset
© Jack Olson

There was a wonderful turnout of early risers for the Sunrise Photo Shoot, plenty of tips at the Photo Critique session, and lots of guidance and good information at the Writer’s Critique. Field trips included stops at most of Moab’s scenic attractions: a bus or hiking tour of Arches National Park, a visit to a wetlands preserve operated by the Nature Conservancy, and a trip to a restaurant-museum-winery along the Colorado River where we met John Wayne (or at least a reasonable cardboard facsimile). There was also a sunset boat trip, a guided tour of the local historic museum, and opportunities to see prehistoric rock art.

We were pleased to see some new faces and renew old friendships, and make some business contacts that just might help lead to fame and fortune. Or at least enough to pay for that new digital camera, lens, or notebook computer we’ve been drooling over.