2006 Photo Awards

Best of Show - Tom Cummings - Michigan Stream
Best of Show – Tom Cummings – Michigan Stream

by Frank Zurey

Here are the 2006 contest results for photographs.


  • 24 members entered this year’s contest
  • 80% of the images entered were digitally
  • Honorable Mentions were awarded to recognize the increased quality of the image entries

See a gallery of the major award winners at the bottom of this page.

With a 60% increase in the number of members entering the contest, the competition was brisk. A resounding 80% of photos were submitted digitally in this, the second year that digital images were accepted. A digital slide show of all of the photos was presented at the conference, and the published works were on display.

Thank you to everyone who entered – your participation makes the entire process more exciting.

The Judge

RMOWP member and acclaimed nature photographer Tom Ulrich was the photography judge. A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and numerous magazines and other publications have used many of his 350,000 plus transparencies. Tom leads photo tours to remote parts of the world, conducts photo seminars and workshops around the country, and lectures at numerous universities.

A few of the many highlights of the contest include the following:

  • Best of Show Photography went to Tom Cummings for his image “Michigan Stream” in the Scenics category.
  • Member’s Choice – voted by conference attendees – went to Tom Ulrich for his print of a squirrel in a precarious predicament.

The Awards

Best of Show

Tom Cummings, “Michigan Stream” (Scenics)

People in the Outdoors

1st Frank Zurey, “High Country Skiing”
2nd Beto Gutierrez, “Escape”
3rd Tom Cummings, “Closeup”


1st Tom Cummings, “Michigan Stream”
2nd Jack Olson, “Colorado National Monument – Colorado”
3rd Steve Schweitzer, “Oarless”


1st Jack Olson, “Colorado Blue Columbine”
2nd Frank Zurey, “Western Columbine”
3rd Kathy Turner, “Coneflower”


1st Kathy Turner, “Camouflaged”
2nd Kathy Turner, “Lady Bug on Seed Head”
3rd Tom Cummings, “Cool Water”

Best Slide From Last Conference

1st Frank Zurey, “Look Out Below”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Gitty Up”
3rd Sherry Zurey, “Cowboy Poet”


1st Richard Youngblood, “Log Cabin”
2nd Frank Zurey, “The 1920s”
3rd Frank Zurey, “Petroglyphs”


1st Tom Cummings, “By the Horns”
2nd Donna Harvey, “Skirt Dance”
3rd Beto Gutierrez, “Mexican Doll Maker”


1st Frank Zurey , “Life After the Big Fish Fire”
2nd Jack Olson, “Cloud on Kebler Pass – Colorado”
3rd Jack Olson, “Big Thompson Running High”

Altered/Composite Images

1st Kelly Gatlin, “VLA in Rosy Glow with wildflowers”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Fall”
3rd Richard Youngblood, “Remembering D-Day”

Novice Prints

1st Richard Youngblood, “Chipmunk”

Novice Slides or Digital Images

1st Donna Harvey, “Cone Flower”
2nd Richard Youngblood, “Rocks in Stream”
3rd Richard Youngblood, “Sprague Lake Reflection”

Color Prints

1st Anne Sullivan, “On the Yangtze, China”
2nd Richard Youngblood, “Stump in Bluebonnets”
3rd Beto Gutierrez, “Lost in Quiet”

Black and White prints

1st Frank Zurey, “Lookout”
2nd Steve Schweitzer, “Dinner”
3rd Steve Schweitzer, “Partners with Time”

Member’s Choice – Prints

1st Tom Ulrich, “Oh, sh…!”
2nd Frank Zurey, “Morning Light at Tawny Dunes”
3rd Tom Ulrich, “Sun Dawg”

Color Published Images

1st Jack Olson, “Indian Peaks Wilderness”, Colorado Scenic Byways, Midwest Traveler, March/April 2005
2nd Steve Schweitzer, “Structurally Sound”, Marketing Brochure for Ground Water Engineering
3rd Jack Olson, “White River National Forest”, Colorado 2006 Calenda

2006 Top Photographic Award Winners