2005 Photo Awards

Best of Show - Ron Kerr - Persistence
Best of Show – Ron Kerr – Persistence

by Frank Zurey

Here are the 2005 contest results for photographs awarded at our annual conference. 

Competition By The Numbers

  • 276 individual entries
  • 219 slides
  • 30 prints and published images
  • 15 members entered this year’s contest
    See a gallery of the major award winners at the bottom of this page.

The most individual entries were in the Member’s Choice category. A digital slide show of all of the slides submitted for the contest was presented at the conference. The published works were on display at the conference.

The Competition & Awards Highlights

This year’s contest featured the integration of film and digital images recognizing that film and digital capture of an image is equivalent and that the resulting image is dependent on the same photographic skills. A total of 211 slides were entered in the nine categories in which both film and digital images could be entered. Forty percent of these slides were entered as digital images. The resulting distribution of awards was similar with 46% of the awards going to digitally submitted images and the Best of Show going to a film submission.

The Judge

The judge for the photography categories was Keith Shrum. Both have extensive experience in outdoor communications.

Keith Shrum is the President of Colorado Camera Imaging Center located in Lakewood, Colorado. He has been in the photo industry his whole life, and is third generation in family ownership of Colorado Camera. Keith has followed the transition of the photo industry into digital imaging closely, and has updated Colorado Camera’s excellent standard of photo finishing to include full digital imaging services. Keith is also a partner in Colorado Photographic Academy, a school specializing in all types of photo related instruction, traditional as well as digital. Colorado Photographic Academy is accredited by Red Rocks Community College. Therefore, students can receive college credit for the courses they take. Keith is currently the primary instructor for the school’s Adobe Photoshop® program.

A few of the many highlights of the contest include the following:

  • Best of Show went to Ron Kerr for his image “Persistence”
  • Member’s Choice went to Sherry Zurey for her print “Auroral Storm”. Sherry entered the contest as a novice – she’s not a novice anymore.

People in the Outdoors

1st Tom Cummings, “Dancing on the Waves”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Not Too Close”
3rd Beto Gutierrez, “Fishing South Padre Island”


1st Lee Carr, “Fall Colors”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Mountain Reflections”
3rd Sherry Zurey, “Aurora Magic”


1st Ron Kerr, “Persistence”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Columbine 1”
3rd Beto Gutierrez, “Flower, Purple”


1st Beto Gutierrez, “Bobcat”
2nd Beto Gutierrez, “Doe with Fawn”
3rd Tom Cummings, “Brown Pelican 1”

Best Slide From Last show

1st Ron Kerr, “Tool from the Past”
2nd Maryann Gaug, “Historic Photographer”
3rd Jack Olson, “Sneeze Weed”


1st Tom Cummings, “Times Past”
2nd John Catsis, “Aztec Autumn”
3rd Beto Gutierrez, “Socorro Mission”


1st James Blakeslee, “Beautiful Regalia”
2nd Jack Olson, “Christmas Caroling”
3rd Tom Cummings, “Candy Toss”


1st Tom Cummings, “Its a Goner”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Cutting a Path”
3rd Jim Baker, “The Penalty is Death”

Best of Show

Ron Kerr, “Persistence”

Altered/Composite Images

1st Sherry Zurey, “Egrets”
2nd Sherry Zurey, “Ice Art”
3rd Frank Zurey, “Paintbrush”

Novice Slides or Digital Images

1st Sherry Zurey, “Aurora Hand”, “Aurroral Sunshine”, “Starry Night”

Color Prints

1st Tom Cummings, ” Mountain View”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Time Gone By”
3rd Tom Cummings, “The Great Blue Haron 1”

Black and White prints

1st Tom Cummings, “Upward Reach”
2nd John Catsis, “Survivor”
3rd Frank Zurey, “Sunflowers”

Member’s Choice – Prints

1st Sherry Zurey, “Auroral Storm”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Sit Awhile”
3rd Beto Gutierrez, “Trophy in the Mist”

Black and White Published Images

1st Maryann Gaug, “Munch”, Colorado High Country Anthology, 2004

Color Published Images

1st Ron Kerr, “Canada Jay”, Wildfowl Carving Magazine, Spring 2004
2nd Jack Olson, ” Sneffels Range”, Colorado 2005 Calendar
3rd John Catsis, “Birds of a Feather”, Country Discoveries, March/April 2005

2005 Top Photographic Award Winners

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