Annual conference

Each year, we hold a conference at a different location within the Rocky Mountain Region. It’s an opportunity to meet new members, make new contacts, share experiences, enjoy local events and activities, learn from a variety of seminars and experts, and get new ideas and inspiration.
Each conference offers field trips and presentations unique to its locale, but there are some things we repeat. And some of those require your participation. Click here for a checklist of what you should be bringing to the conference.

Conference 2018 will be our 45th. We’ll headquarter in Alamosa, Colorado from September 23 to 26.

With the dust slowly settling on RMOWP’s 2017 conference in southeast Arizona, you may be wondering where we’re going next year.

Plans are still very tentative, but your conference committee is hoping to head to southern Colorado, and particularly Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. The light on the dunes is magnificent late in the day.

Don’t want sand in your shoes? The area also boasts several historic steam trains, two national wildlife refuges, a Nature Conservancy preserve famous for its bison, several hot springs, and of course, alligators. (Yes, alligators. More on them later).

Stay tuned.