Funny Fotos 2015

Humorous entries were judged and presented by David and Virginia Staat. The images can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

The Most Obscure Sense of Humor (MOSH)
“Look, Ma, I’m flying… Do you have to be off the ground?” © John Thornton

The Grossest Sense of Humor (GSH)
“Multipurpose solution to two emergencies” © Richard Holmes

Most Adept at Prompting Vertigo (MAPV)
“Did I mention that I live on the top floor?” © Maryann Gaug

The Most Staged Photo (MSP)
“Dress rehearsal for Sunset Boulevard musical” © Jack Olson

Because the Photo Judge Never Wins Awards (BPJNWA)
“Do ducks have belly buttons?” © Tom Ulrich

The Best Jimmy Cagney Interpretation (BJCI)
“You dirty, yellow-bellied rat, this is my territory.” © Kenita Gibbins

The Most Dedicated to Oral Hygiene (MDOH)
“Free breakfast… Toothpicks included” © Beto Gutierrez

I Have a Lot of Explaining To Do To My Friend (ETMF)
“Tom Ulrich… After hours” © Al Perry

2015 Humorous Photo winners and more…

  • William Horton "Who Knew" MRCC Award - Tie
  • Al Perry "Flying by the seat of your pants" MPPGB Award
  • Beto Gutierrez "Here's looking at you" MLBAE Award - Tie
  • Beto Gutierrez "Two old geezers kissing" MLBAE Award - Tie
  • Frank Zurey "My cell phone is a pain in the back" AMCP Award - Tie
  • Jack Olson "One small step" MOSH Award
  • Ken Papaleo "Roof Stander" ACMP Award - Tie
  • Kenita Gibbins "Carrot Boy" MIG Award
  • Don Laine "Classy Santa" MRCC Award - Tie
  • Shery Zurey "The World Is Upside Down" AMCP Award - Tie
  • Kenita Gibbins "You Ought to See My B&W"
  • Virginia Staat "Black Fly Bait"
  • William Horton "Cattle Car"
  • Sherry Zurey "Deer Playing with Geese"
  • Linda Bundren "Don't Tread on Me"
  • Linda Bundren "Gertrude to Hecliff, I heard you are stepping out on me!  Hecliff, How's that Gertrude, The fellows said you were going out for a swallow."
  • Linda Bundren "Gesundheit"
  • Ken Papaleo "Grass Hoppers"
  • Maryann Gaug "Grocery items Branson"
  • Ken Papaleo "Head Shot"
  • Shane Balleck "Hi-ho i'm a city boy!"
  • Frank Zurey "How High"
  • Frank Zurey "How to Get a Closeup of Key Deer"
  • Al Perry "I have your back side covered"
  • Beto Gutierrez "I wanna be a star"
  • Maryann Gaug "RIP snowmobile"
  • Virginia Staat "Stinky Feet"
  • Jack Olson "Sunrise bunny"
  • Virginia Staat "Tumbleweed for Breakfast"
  • Kenita Gibbins "Worth It"

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