Funny Fotos 2009

Once again, Judge Angelo Sciulli gleaned his top choices from a myriad of submissions.

1st – “Open Range” © Tom Cummings

2nd – “Up a Creek without a Paddle” © Terry Guthrie

3rd – “People Watching” © Sherry Zurey

2009 Humorous Photo winners and more…

  • 1st place - Tom Cummings "Open range"
  • 2nd place - Terry Guthrie "Up a Creek Without a Paddle"
  • 3rd place - Sherry Zurey "People Watching"
  • Frank Zurey "A little closer, please"
  • Frank Zurey "About to Kiss the Snow"
  • Georgette  Sotos "Ouch"
  • Georgette Sotos "Number 2 Pencil"
  • Jim Baker "I was Here First"
  • Jack Olson "Chicken big"
  • Jack Olson "Stalking wildflowers"
  • Jan Sundberg "Paying Attention"
  • Jan Sundberg "Turkey Vulture"
  • Jim Baker "Defensive Line"
  • John Catsis "Fuzzy underbite"
  • John Catsis "Play the duece of clubs."
  • Kenita Gibbins "Done by snow storms of SP"
  • Kenita Gibbins "Fence or no, I WANT lunch"
  • Lynda Cummings "Bird Brain"
  • Lynda Cummings "There's One In Every Crowd."
  • Maryann Gaug "BJ the hiker"
  • Maryann Gaug "Quick-draw Lee"
  • Sherry Zurey "Splish-Splash"
  • Terry Guthrie "Bear-ly Warm"
  • Tom Cummings "Cow-Deer"

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