Funny Fotos 2007

This was the first year for the Humorous Photo Challenge. Proposed by Angelo Sciulli after the 2006 conference, it was decided to give it a try. And the rest, as they say, is history. Naturally, Angelo was drafted to judge the entries!

Here’s the outcome:

2007 Humorous Photo winners and more…

  • 1st Place Reveal or Conceal by Georgette Sotos
  • 2nd Place Sir Penguin by Tom Ulrich
  • 3rd Place Angel of Ciry by Kenita Gibbins
  • Brave Puppy by D. Harvey
  • Goofy Cranes by D. Harvey
  • Homade Pies by Angelo Sciulli
  • The master at work... by Jack Olson
  • Give me a hug by Kathy Turner
  • Are my nails done? by Frank Zurey
  • My Camera! by Sherry Zurey
  • Smithsonian of the West by Georgette Sotos
  • Overkill by Jack Olson
  • Linda being stalked in the field by Tommy stalker by Al Perry
  • Camoed by Kathy Turner
  • Sandhills by Tom Ulrich
  • Human Bowling by Frank Zurey
  • Scratch That Itch by Sherry Zurey
  • Where's Jack? by Kenita Gibbins