2014 Photo Awards

by Frank Zurey

Ice Cave in Iceland

Best of Show – Al Perry – Ice Cave in Iceland

Here are the 2014 contest results for photography, announced at our annual conference in West Glacier, Montana. A total of 428 images were submitted by 33 members. 

See the gallery of winners at the bottom of this page.

The Judge – Tom Ulrich

A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills, and many of his 350,000+ transparencies have appeared in numerous magazines and other publications. Tom conducts photography seminars and workshops around the country, lectures at several universities, and leads photo tours to remote parts of the world.

Other Awards

Members’ Choice contest results – voted by conference attendees:

First place went to Jim Baker for “Reflective Morning.”

Second place went to Al Perry for “Yosemite After Snow Storm.”

Third place – a tie – went to Al Perry for “Northern Lights” and to Beto Gutierrez for “Sunrise Takeoff.”

In the Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge, we a a slight departure from the usual first, second, third place awards, with Judge Virginia Staat creating unusual awards for this unusual contest.

The Awards

Best of Show

Al Perry “Ice Cave in Iceland” (People in Nature)

Image from Last Conference

1st William Horton “Sunrise in the Monument”
2nd Fred Lord “Colorado National Monument Sunrise”
3rd William Horton “Sunrise in the Canyon”


1st William Horton “Sunset in Cornwall”
2nd Al Perry “Northern Lights and Moon”
3rd Gayle Biggs “Swiss Glacier”


1st Kent Taylor “Wildflowers In Motion”
2nd William Horton “Ancient Ponderosa”
3rd Frank Zurey “Princely Daisy”


1st Beto Gutierrez “Fly Fishing”
2nd Frank Zurey “Black Skimmer”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “Reaching for Gold”

People in Nature

1st Al Perry “Ice Cave in Iceland”
2nd William Horton “Isn’t This Just Great!”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “On the Edge”


1st William Horton “Crossing the Animas River”
2nd William Horton “Before the Pilgrims”
3rd Fred Lord “London Bridge 2013”


1st Kenita Gibbins “Hindu Women’s Celebration of Family”
2nd Gayle Biggs “Artist at Festival”
3rd Ken Papaleo “Being Roped”


1st Fred Lord “Fireworks 2013”
2nd Frank Zurey “House Fire 2”
3rd William Horton “Lunar Eclipse”


1st Beto Gutierrez “Psychedelic Turkey”
2nd Kent Taylor “International Water Lily Collection at San Angelo”
3rd Katherine Horton “Plateau Tableau”

Black and White

1st Beto Gutierrez “Making Whoopi”
2nd Fred Lord “Family of Cranes”
3rd Frank Zurey “Love Birds”

Novice Photography

1st Gayle Biggs “Resting”
2nd Virginia Staat “When Momma Gets Mad”
3rd Cheyenne Mease “Up Close and Personal”

Published Images

1st Fred Lord “Sandhill Crane” American Furniture Warehouse, Jan. 2014
2nd William Horton “Bursting Bubble” 2014 Proceedings of the ACSA, published online 3/15/14
3rd Katherine Horton “Sanctuary 13” Camera Obscura, Fall 2013

2014 1st Place Photo Award Winners

  • Ice Cave in Iceland - Best of Show - People in Nature - Al Perry
  • Sunrise in the Monument - 1st Place Image from Last Conference - William Horton
  • Sunset in Cornwall - 1st Place Scenics - William Horton
  • Wildflowers In Motion - 1st Place Flora - Kent Taylor
  • Fly Fishing - 1st Place Fauna - Beto Gutierrez
  • Crossing the Animas River - 1st Place Historical - William Horton
  • Hindu Women's Celebration of Family - 1st Place Cultural - Kenita Gibbins
  • Fireworks 2013 - 1st Place Events - Fred Lord
  • Psychedelic Turkey - 1st Place Altered/Composite - Beto Gutierrez
  • Making Whoopi - 1st Place Black & White - Beto Gutierrez
  • Resting - 1st Place Novice - Gayle Biggs
  • Sandhill Crane - 1st Place Published Images - Fred Lord

2014 2nd Place Photo Award Winners

  • Colorado National Monument Sunrise - 2nd Place Image from Last Conference - Fred Lord
  • Northern Lights & Moon - 2nd Place Scenics - Al Perry
  • Ancient Ponderosa - 2nd Place Flora - William Horton
  • Black Skimmer - 2nd Place Fauna - Frank Zurey
  • Isn't This Just Great! - 2nd Place People in Nature - William Horton
  • Before the Pilgrims - 2nd Place Historical - William Horton
  • Artist at Festival - 2nd Place Cultural - Gayle Biggs
  • House Fire 2 - 2nd Place Events - Frank Zurey
  • International Water Lily Collection at San Angelo - 2nd Place Altered/Composite - Kent Taylor
  • Family of Cranes - 2nd Place Black & White - Fred Lord
  • When Momma Gets Mad - 2nd Place Novice - Virginia Staat
  • Bursting Bubble - 2nd Place Published Images - William Horton

2014 3rd Place Photo Award Winners

  • Sunrise in the Canyon - 3rd Place Image from Last Conference - William Horton
  • Swiss Glacier - 3rd Place Scenics - Gayle Biggs
  • Princely Daisy - 3rd Place Flora - Frank Zurey
  • Reaching for Gold - 3rd Place Fauna - Beto Gutierrez
  • On the Edge - 3rd Place People in Nature - Beto Gutierrez
  • London Bridge 2013 - 3rd Place Historical - Fred Lord
  • Being Roped - 3rd Place Cultural - Ken Papaleo
  • Lunar Eclipse - 3rd Place Events - William Horton
  • Plateau Tableau - 3rd Place Altered/Composite - Katherine Horton
  • Love Birds - 3rd Place Black & White - Frank Zurey
  • Up Close & Personal - 3rd Place Novice - Cheyenne Mease
  • Sanctuary 13 - 3rd Place Published Images - Katherine Horton

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