2010 Photo Awards

Best of Show - Beto Gutierrez - Morning visitor

Best of Show – Beto Gutierrez – Morning visitor

by Frank Zurey

Here are the 2010 contest results awarded at our annual conference.

The Numbers

  • 27 members entered
  • 448 images submitted – 100% digital

See a gallery of the major award winners at the bottom of this page.

The Judge – Tom Ulrich

A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills, and many of his 350,000+ transparencies have appeared in numerous magazines and other publications. Tom conducts photography seminars and workshops around the country, lectures at several universities, and leads photo tours to remote parts of the world.

Other Awards

  • Member’s Choice contest results – voted by conference attendees:
  • First place in Scenics went to Fred Lord for “Cathedral Rocks, Sedona.”
  • First place in Flora went to Ron Heyes for “Kodiak Gold Tulip.”
  • First place in Fauna went to Fred Lord for “Rufous Female Hummingbird.”
  • In the Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge, first place went to new member Ken Papaleo for “I Prefer My Fish Filleted.” (See the Nov-Dec issue of Rocky Mountain Outdoors for this photo.)

The Awards

Best of Show

Beto Gutierrez “Morning Visitor” (Fauna)

Image from Last Conference
1st Frank Zurey “Lone Tree”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Mallards on the Virgin River”
3rd Al Perry “Cross Bedding”

1st Al Perry “Bryce”
2nd Kenita Gibbins “Antelope Sanctuary”
3rd Jack Olson “Loveland Pass, Colorado”

1st Al Perry “Dwarf Birch”
2nd Ron Heyes “Colorado Sunflowers”
3rd Jack Olson “Colorado Columbine”

1st Beto Gutierrez “Morning Visitor”
2nd Linda Martin “Barred Owl”
3rd Tom Cummings “Heron 1”

People in Nature
1st Terry Guthrie “Hang on to Your Oars”
2nd Jack Olson “Kathy in Meadow”
3rd Frank Zurey “Taking Air”

1st Linda Martin “Age of Steam”
2nd Richard Youngblood “Log Cabin”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “San Jose Mission”

1st Richard Holmes “Balloons”
2nd Linda Martin “Chinese Culture Day”
3rd Terry Guthrie”Jam Session”

1st Beto Gutierrez “Yellowstone Fire”
2nd Al Perry “Medical Leave”
3rd Jimmy Smith “Wow Shuttle Launch”

1st Kenita Gibbins “Cathedral in Rouen”
2nd Linda Martin “Yellow”
3rd Ryan Weishalla “Bryce Canyon Stitched Panorama”

Black and White prints
1st Al Perry “Fatigued”
2nd Frank Zurey “Moulton Barn and Tetons”
3rd Kent Owings “Arlington National Cemetery”

Photography – Novice
1st Jo Dodd “Great Blue Heron”
2nd Jimmy Smith “Painted Bunting”
3rd Ashley Goepfert “6am Sunrise in AZ”

Photography – Published Images
1st Al Perry “Whooping Cranes”, Bird Conservation
2nd Linda Martin “Rock Squirrel”
3rd Al Perry “Prairie Chicens Sparring”, Audobon

1st Al Perry “Hoar Frost” WNIN-TV9, PBS, March 2010
2nd Jesus Martinez “Four Hunts” Bushlan Video Journal
3rd Jesus Martinez “White-Tailed Deer Management” Bushlan Video Journal

2010 Top Photographic Award Winners

  • Best of Show - 1st Place - Fauna - Beto Gutierrez - Morning Visitor
  • 1st Place - From last conference - Frank Zurey - Lone Tree
  • 1st Place - Scenics - Al Perry - Bryce
  • 1st Place - Flora - Al Perry - Dwarf Birch
  • 1st Place - People in Nature - Terry Guthrie - Hang on to Your Oars
  • 1st Place - Historical - Linda Martin - Age of Steam
  • 1st Place - Cultural - Richard Holmes - Balloons
  • 1st Place - Events - Beto Gutierrez - Yellowstone Fire
  • 1st Place - Altered/Composite - Kenita Gibbins - Cathedral at Rouen
  • 1st Place - Black & White - Al Perry - Fatigued
  • 1st Place - Novice - Jo Dodd - Great Blue Heron
  • 1st Place - Published Images - Al Perry - Whooping Cranes
  • 2nd Place - Published Images - Linda Martin - Rock Squirrel
  • 2nd Place - Scenics - Terry Guthrie - Mallards on the Virgin River
  • 2nd Place - Scenics - Kenita Gibbins - Antelope Sanctuary
  • 2nd Place - Flora - Ron Heyes - Colorado Sunflowers
  • 2nd Place - Fauna - Linda Martin - Barred Owl
  • 2nd Place - People - Jack Olson - Kathy in Meadow
  • 2nd Place - Historical - Richard Youngblood - Log Cabin
  • 2nd Place - Cultural - Linda Martin - Chinese Culture Day
  • 2nd Place - Altered/Composite - Linda Martin - Yellow
  • 2nd Place - Black & White - Frank Zurey - Moulton Barn and Tetons
  • 2nd Place - Novice - Jimmy Smith - Painted Bunting
  • 3rd Place - Black & White - Terry Guthrie - Pastoral Scene
  • 3rd Place - Novice - Ashley Goepfert - 6am Sunrise in AZ
  • 3rd Place - Published - Al Perry - Prairie Chickens Sparring - Audubon
  • 3rd Place - Last Conference - Al Perry - Cross Bedding
  • 3rd Place - Scenics - Jack Olson - Loveland Pass, CO
  • 3rd Place - Flora - Jack Olson - Colorado Columbine
  • 3rd Place - Fauna - Tom Cummings - Heron 1
  • 3rd Place - People - Frank Zurey - Taking Air
  • 3rd Place - Historical - Beto Gutierrez - San Jose Mission
  • 3rd Place - Cultural - Terry Guthrie - Jam Session
  • 3rd Place - Events - Jimmy Smith - Wow Shuttle Launch
  • 3rd Place - Altered/Composite - Ryan Weishalla - Bryce Canyon Stitched Panorama