2009 Photo Awards

1st Place - From Last Conference - by Terry Guthrie "Morning in the Park"

1st Place – From Last Conference – by Terry Guthrie “Morning in the Park”

by Frank Zurey

Here are the 2009 contest results for photographs awarded at our annual conference.

The Numbers

  • 27 members entered
  • 417 images submitted – 100% digital
  • 17 humorous photo entries

See a gallery of the major award winners at the bottom of this page.

The Judge – Tom Ulrich

A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills, and many of his 350,000+ transparencies have appeared in numerous magazines and other publications. Tom conducts photography seminars and workshops around the country, lectures at several universities, and leads photo tours to remote parts of the world.

Other Awards

  • Member’s Choice contest results – voted by conference attendees:
  • First place in Scenics went to Kent Owings for “Peaceful Mountain Setting.”
  • First place in Flora went to Russell Dohrman for “Fallen Leaves and Trees.”
  • First place in Fauna went to John Thornton for “Atlantic Puffins.”
  • In the Humorous Photo Challenge, judge Angelo Sciulli – member and prince of the funny – awarded first place to Tom Cummings for “Open Range.”


Al Perry “Red Tailed Hawk Attacking Brazilian Free Tailed Bats” (Published Images)

Category Awards

Image from Last Conference
1st Terry Guthrie “Morning in the Park”
2nd Beto Gutierrez “Badger”
3rd Terry Guthrie “Rocky Mountain Stream”

1st Al Perry “Mt. McKinley”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Fall Reflections”
3rd Nic Showalter “World Premiere”

1st Nic Showalter “Late Harvest”
2nd Frank Zurey “Alpine Sunflower”
3rd Lynda Cummings “Colorado Favorite”

1st Al Perry “Scissortai”
2nd Al Perry “Diamond Backed Water Snake”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “Bobcat Stalking”

People in Nature
1st Al Perry “Intimate Gathering”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Surf’s Up”
3rd Jack Olson “Trail Ridge sunset”

1st Terry Guthrie “Confederate Heroes”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Abandoned Mill”
3rd Tom Cummings “Past Time”

1st Jack Olson “4 Mile House 4th #1”
2nd Lynda Cummings “In The Air”
3rd Jan Sundberg “Tasting from the Tap”

1st Ryan Weishalla “Lightning Storm Over Illinois”
2nd Linda Martin “Storm Brewing”
3rd Linda Martin “Nature’s Forces”

1st Richard Holmes “Wind Turbines”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Surreal Walkway”
3rd Al Perry “Alaska Range”

Black and White prints
1st Tom Cummings “Iguanas 2”
2nd Tom Cummings “In Flight”
3rd Kent Owings “Arlington National Cemetery”

Photography – Novice
1st Rosemary Rizzolo “I stand alone”
2nd Rosemary Rizzolo “Nuzzling Along”
3rd Rosemary Rizzolo “Layers”

Photography – Published Images
1st Al Perry “Red Tailed Hawk Attacking Brazilian Free Tailed Bats”, Birds and People, 2007″
2nd Al Perry “Broad Tailed Hummingbird,” Birders World, Apr 2008″
3rd Jack Olson “Wild for Flowers”, Midwest Traveler, Mar-Apr 2008

1st Andy Lightbody “An American Historian & Twilight of a Continent” starring Gary R. Swanson, Rocky Mountain Television, December 2008
2nd Andy Lightbody “Kids and Clays Foundation Support for Ronald McDonald House”, Rocky Mountain Television, September 2008
3rd Andy Lightbody “Iowa Turkey Hunt”, Rocky Mountain Television, August 2008

2009 Top Photographic Award Winners

  • 1st Place - Last Conference - Terry Guthrie - Morning in the Park
  • Best of Show - 1st Place - Published Images - Al Perry - Red Tailed Hawk Attacking Brazilian Free Tailed Bats
  • 1st Black & White - Tom Cummings - Iguanas 2
  • 1st Place - Scenics - Al Perry - Mt McKinley
  • 1st Place - Flora - Nic Showalter - Late Harvest
  • 1st Place - People - Al Perry - Intimate Gathering
  • 1st Place - Novice - Rosemary Rizzolo - I stand alone
  • 1st Place - Fauna - Al Perry - Scissortail
  • 1st Place - Events - Ryan Weishalla - Lightning Storm Over Illinois
  • 1st Place - Altered/Composite - Richard Holmes - WindTurbines
  • 1st Place - Historical - Terry Guthrie - Confederate Heroes
  • 1st Place - Cultural - Jack Olson - 4 Mile House 4th #1
  • 2nd Place - Published Images - Al Perry - Broad Tailed Hummingbird - Birders World Apr 2008
  • 2nd Place - Last Conference - Beto Gutierrez - Badger
  • 2nd Place - Scenics - Terry Guthrie - Fall Reflections
  • 2nd Place - Flora - Frank Zurey - Alpine Sunflower
  • 2nd Place - Al Perry - Diamond Backed Water Snake
  • 2nd Place - People - Terry Guthrie - Surf's Up
  • 2nd Place - Historical - Terry Guthrie - Abandoned Mill
  • 2nd Place - Cultural - Lynda Cummings - In The Air
  • 2nd Place - Events - Linda Martin - Storm Brewing
  • 2nd Place - Altered/Composite - Terry Guthrie - Surreal Walkway
  • 2nd Place - Black & White - Tom Cummings - In Flight
  • 2nd Place - Novice - Rosemary Rizzolo - Nuzzling Along
  • 3rd Place - Historical - Tom Cummings - Past Time
  • 3rd Place - Cultural - Jan Sundberg - Tasting from the Tap
  • 3rd Place - Altered/Composite - Al Perry - Alaska Range
  • 3rd Place - Fauna - Beto Gutierrez - Bobcat Stalking
  • 3rd Place - People - Jack Olson - Trail Ridge sunset
  • 3rd Place - Events - Linda Martin - Nature's Forces
  • 3rd Place - Novice - Rosemary Rizzolo - Layers
  • 3rd Place - Black & White - Kent Owings - Arlington National Cemetery
  • 3rd Place - Flora - Lynda Cummings - Colorado Favorite
  • 3rd Place - Scenics - Nic Showalter - World Premiere
  • 3rd Place - Last Conference - Terry Guthrie - Rocky Mountain Stream
  • 3rd Place - Published Images - Jack Olson - Wild for Flowers