2007 Photo Awards

Best of Show - Al Perry - A red-tailed hawk attacking mexican  free-tailed bats

Best of Show – Al Perry – A red-tailed hawk attacking Mexican free-tailed bats

by Frank Zurey

Here are the 2007 contest results for photographs awarded at our annual conference.

The Numbers

  • 37 members entered this year’s contest
  • 276 individual entries
  • 93% of images were digitally submitted

See a gallery of the major award winners at the bottom of this page.

Contest summary

Many top-rate entries made the judges job challenging this year, but it was a challenge they appreciated. Al Perry practically stole the show, grabbing five first place honors and also winning Best of Show for both photography and writng and taking first place in the Members Choice Photo Awards. But numerous other folks took home honors for their writing and photography.

This year’s contest was again a notable success, according to co-chairs Frank Zurey and Maryann Gaug, with substantial increases in both the number of individuals entering and the number of items entered. A humorous Photo Challenge was initiated and eighteen entries were received, and member Angelo Sciulli prepared an entertaining Power Point presentation of the entries that was shown at the awards banquet.

A total of 37 individuals entered the contest this year, compared with 24 last year and 15 the year before. An interesting statistic, Zurey and Gaug said, is that 93% of the photo images this year were submitted as digital files, compared to 80% last year and 42% the year before. Three years ago digital images were not accepted.

The Judge – Tom Ulrich

RMOWP member and acclaimed nature photographer Tom Ulrich was the photography judge. A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and numerous magazines and other publications have used many of his 350,000 plus transparencies. Tom leads photo tours to remote parts of the world, conducts photo seminars and workshops around the country, and lectures at numerous universities.

A few contest highlights include the following:

  • Best of Show Photography went to Al Perry for his image “Red-tailed Hawk Attacking Mexican Free-tailed Bats” in the Published Images category.
  • Member’s Choice – voted by conference attendees – went to Al Perry for his print “Male Painted Bunting”.

The Awards

Best of Show

Al Perry, “Red-tailed Hawk Attacking Mexican Free-tailed Bats”

Image From Last Conference

1st Tom Cummings, “Arches 2”
2nd Kathy Turner, “Moab 2”
3rd Tom Cummings, “Arches 1”


1st Al Perry, “Sunset on Tio Frio River”
2nd Nicholas Showalter, “Bale Train”
3rd Al Perry, “Sunset on Plateau”


1st Richard Youngblood, “Water Lily”
2nd Lynda Cummings, “The Cactus Flower”
3rd Richard Youngblood, “Underside of Leaf”


1st Tom Cummings, “Dancing on Water”
2nd Beto Gutierrez, “Trophy Buck ”
3rd Linda Martin, “Elephant Seals”

People in the Outdoors

1st Beto Gutierrez, “Sunrise Capture”
2nd Jack Olson, “Windows Arches”
3rd Randall Ennis, “Surf Fisherman”


1st Frank Zurey, “WW II Artillery Placement, Dutch Harbor”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Locked Out”
3rd Al Perry, “Bodie, California 3”


1st Kathy Turner, “Balloon Fest 1”
2nd Tom Cummings, “Ride-em”
3rd Frank Zurey, “Santa at the Aquarium”


1st Linda Martin, “Eroding Rocks”
2nd Richard Youngblood, “Clouds During ice Storm”
3rd Jim Baker, “Frosty Morning”

Altered/Composite Images

1st Al Perry, “Sandhill Crane and Moon”
2nd Frank Zurey, “Essence of Devil’s Tower”
3rd Frank Zurey, “Devil’s Tower Framed”

Novice Images

1st Barbara Bradley, “Hibiscus
2nd Carolyn Ennis, “Bathing Cardinal”
3rd Lynda Cummings, “Yellowcrown High Heron”

Published Images

1st Al Perry, “Red-tailed Hawk Attacking Mexican Free-tailed Bats ”
2nd Jack Olson, “Colorado National Monument”
3rd Sherry Zurey, “Auroual Loop”

Black and White prints

1st Al Perry, “Teton Mountains”
2nd Frank Zurey, “Church of the Holy Ascension 1825”
3rd Frank Zurey, “Arches National Park”

Member’s Choice – Prints

1st Al Perry, “Male Painted Bunting”
2nd Carlene Shrum, “A Frosty Fog”
3rd Tom Ulrich, “Self-Portrait”

2007 Top Photographic Award Winners

  • Best of Show - 1st Place - Published Images - Al Perry - Red-tailed Hawk Attacking Mexican Free-tailed
  • 1st Place - Last Conference - Tom Cummings - Arches 2
  • 1st Place - Scenics - Al Perry - Sunset on Tio Frio River
  • 1st PLace - Flora - Richard Youngblood - Water Lily
  • 1st Place Fauna - Tom Cummings - Dancing on Water
  • 1st Place - People - Beto Gutierrez - Sunrise Capture
  • 1st PLace - Historical - Frank Zurey - WW II Artillery Placement, Dutch Harbor
  • 1st Place - Cultural - Kathy Turner - Balloon Fest 1
  • 1st PLace - Events - Linda Martin - Eroding Rocks
  • 1st Place - Altered/Composite - Al Perry - Sandhill Crane and Moon
  • 1st Place - Black & White - Al Perry - Teton Mountains
  • 1st PLace - Novice - Barbara Bradley - Hibiscus
  • 2nd Place - Flora - Lynda Cummings - The Cactus Flower
  • 2nd PLace - Scenics - Nicholas Showalter - Bale Train
  • 2nd PLace - Last Conference - Kathy Turner - Moab 2
  • 2nd PLace - Published Images - Jack Olson - Colorado National Monument
  • 2nd PLace - Historical - Tom Cummings - Locked Out
  • 2nd Place - People - Jack Olson - Windows Arches
  • 2nd Place - Black & White - Frank Zurey - Church of the Holy Ascension 1825
  • 2nd Place - Altered/Composite - Frank Zurey - Essence of Devil's Tower
  • 2nd Place - Events - Richard Youngblood - Clouds During ice Storm
  • 2nd Place - Cultural - Tom Cummings - Ride 'em
  • 2nd Place - Fauna - Beto Gutierrez - Trophy Buck
  • 3rd Place - Last Conference - Tom Cummings - Arches 1
  • 3rd PLace - Scenics - Al Perry - Sunset on Plateau
  • 3rd Place - Flora - Richard Youngblood - Underside of Leaf
  • 3rd Place - Fauna - Linda Martin - Elephant Seals
  • 3rd Place - Historical - Al Perry - Bodie, California 3
  • 3rd PLace - People - Randall Ennis - Surf Fisherman
  • 3rd Place - Cultural - Frank Zurey - Santa at the Aquarium
  • 3rd PLace - Events - Jim Baker - Frosty Morning
  • 3rd Place - Altered/Composite - Frank Zurey - Devil's Tower Framed
  • 3rd Place - Black & White - Frank Zurey - Arches National Park
  • 3rd Place - Novice - Lynda Cummings - Yellowcrown High Heron
  • 3rd Place - Published Images - Sherry Zurey - Auroral Loop